JUN 29.30.01 JUL

Santiago DE CHILE

María Jesús Contreras

ilustraciÓn, surrealismo, nostÁLgico, Saturado AnÁlogo-digital


I’m an illustrator born and raised in the south of Chile in a rainy small town. I studied Graphic design at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago where I currently live. My art features loud and saturated colors and is filled with memories of childhood. I’m obsessed with creating creatures, whether human or animal or even inanimate objects. Fear and Humor are my two motivations. I currently work for clients such as the New York times, The Atlantic, Texas Monthly, Penguin Random House, NPR, The New Yorker, The Telegraph, The guardian, Los Angeles times, and Berliner Zeitung among others. My work has been shown in It’s nice that, Domestika, Wetransfer, and Colossal. In 2022 I won the Young Guns award from The One Club for Creativity.